DefinityLegend DLD Metaverse

DLD Metaverse Land NFT Asset

The initial genesis 23xx lands will be sold.

As land is upgraded, the % earning increases

NFT Land Profit Sharing

67% of the profits made from advertising Billboards will be shared with Land Owners.
Lands that are within Zone 1 & 2 to the Center of the Advertising area will get a 30% & 20% share of the revenue. Zone 3 & 4 will share 10% and 7% ( from users advertising on a billboard in the centre )
Lands will be used to earn resources, materials, blueprints and passive income for in-game gold currency which can be used to upgrade the land plots to increase land points.
Higher land points will increase the % earned from the advertising area % probability of DLD token drop.
Zone 1 - will have 360 lands
Zone 2 - will have 504 lands
Zone 3 - will have 648 lands
Zone 4 - will have 864 lands
Users can claim 3% of the billboard revenue by logging in daily by clicking on the billboard.
This allows the billboard advertiser to gauge daily views and awareness based on a CPC indicator.

What are the dimensions of each plot of Land?

Mansion - Access To Land Management
Every plot of land consists of 36 blocks (6x6)
Land will be used for crafting, building, war, tower defense. ( More info coming soon)
DLD Tower Defense
DLD Elemental Towers
Resource Gathering and Crafting
coming soon.