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Definity Legend

Official Whitepaper, last updated Jan 2023. All contents are subject to change. (Best to view on PC Desktop for optimum visual experience)
3D Futuristic Building
Turn Based Strategy Game


Welcome to the fantasy world of DeFinity Legend, where you can enjoy a gaming experience like never before and earn money simultaneously! With the power of DeFi and NFT technology spearheading the space, Definity Legends is a revolutionary blockchain-based Role-Playing Game that combines the elements of DeFi, NFT & Play2Earn in one.
DLD aims to cover 3 major game environments ( Medieval, Fantasy & Science Fiction ) and provide a sandbox platform for :
Gamers: This includes both casual and hardcore gamers who are interested in playing decentralized games with true ownership and control of their in-game assets.
Game Creators: This includes both independent and established game creators who are interested in creating and monetizing their own games on a decentralized platform without the need to know coding!
Investors: This includes both individual and institutional investors who are interested in investing in web 3 gaming companies and platforms.
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