Definity Legend

Official Whitepaper, last updated March 2023. All contents are subject to change. (Best to view on PC Desktop for optimum visual experience)

Introducing Definity Legend: Empowering Creators and Gamers in a Diversified Gaming Market

Business Summary:

Definity Legend is a revolutionary platform that transforms the gaming market by empowering creators to design and monetize their own games, while boosting user engagement. With our cutting-edge technology, even those without coding skills can unleash their creativity and generate passive income. Our platform opens up endless opportunities for young generations and players of all backgrounds, making gaming educational and profitable.

About the Business:

Imagine a world where everyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can contribute to the thriving gaming industry, tapping into its multi-billion dollar potential. Definity Legend makes this vision a reality, offering a user-friendly ecosystem that constantly evolves to match the latest trends. Gone are the days of short-lived games and entry barriers for gamers.

Our platform ensures an evergreen gaming experience, where creators and players alike benefit from an environment that fosters growth and innovation. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a world where gaming is not just entertainment, but a gateway to learning, creativity, and financial success.

Definity is more than just a place to play. In Definity, you get a combination of

gamers, game creators, developers, asset creators, content creators, publishers and A.I to share interests, potential new upcoming gaming ideas, and feedback on improving and upgrading games.

You will be able to see games that are trending, view leaderboards, publish reviews, and potentially be a part of the game by contributing assets & ideas. If the game creator uses your ideas, you get rewarded by the ecosystem while the game becomes, even more, fun and exciting to play.

Players can now benefit from the growth of games that are created within Definity, allowing for the growth of the eco-system, providing a longer product life cycle and rewarding both gamers and games that are fun to play.

Decentralisation and gamification of real-world assets is revolutionising how gaming hubs and games operate, giving back more to the community that ultimately supports the eco-system growth.

DLD aims to cover 3 major game Genres, 3 Art styles and 3 Subgenres ( Science Fiction, Fantasy & Modern) for our MVP stage and provide a sandbox platform for :

Gamers: This includes both casual and hardcore gamers who are interested in playing decentralized games with true ownership and control of their in-game assets.

Game Creators: This includes both independent and established game creators who are interested in creating and monetizing their own games on a decentralized platform without the need to know coding!

Investors: This includes both individual and institutional investors who are interested in investing in web 3 gaming companies and platforms.

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