DLD Revenue Stream

Revenue stream for DLD Eco-system


  1. Stabilize the project's token price: This involves buying back tokens from the market when the price is low and selling them when the price is high to maintain a stable market price.

  2. Fund emergency situations: This includes having reserves set aside to handle unexpected events such as security breaches, network disruptions, or other unforeseen circumstances.

  3. Form strategic partnerships: This includes using reserve funds to form strategic partnerships with other projects or companies to expand the project's reach and functionality.

  4. Rewards and giveaways: This involves rewarding users with DLD tokens for participating in various activities, such as playing certain games, reviewing, and providing feedback on game development.

  5. In-game promotions: This includes offering discounts, bonuses, or other incentives to users who purchase DLD tokens or use them to make in-game purchases.

  6. Airdrops: Distributing DLD tokens to a large number of users to increase awareness of the project and encourage adoption.

  7. Referral programs: This includes incentivizing users to refer new users to the platform by offering them a reward in DLD.

  8. Social media promotions: This includes running promotions on social media platforms to increase awareness of the project and encourage user engagement.

  9. Sponsorship and partnership: This includes sponsoring DLD events, partnering with gaming influencers, and forming strategic partnerships with other gaming projects or companies to expand the reach and functionality of the platform.

  10. Development and maintenance of the project: This includes hiring developers, auditors, and other personnel necessary to maintain and update the project.

  11. Research and development: This involves conducting research and developing new features, products, or services to enhance the project's value proposition.

  12. Legal and compliance: This includes complying with applicable laws and regulations and hiring legal counsel to navigate legal issues.


  1. Land Owners : To reward land owners

  2. Players/DLD Token Holders : To reward long term holding of DLD Tokens

  3. Game Creators : To reward game creators and to enable them to continue to continue building

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