DLD Metaverse Land NFT Asset

The initial genesis 23xx lands will be sold.

Game creators can only release their game live on the blockchain when their request of an X number of land is met.

So if you see the potential of a game? Stake your land towards the launch of the game to go live on the blockchain and be a part of the success of the game while earning from it! Be a landowner and collect revenue from it!

Lands increase in value in proportion to the est revenue earned annually. So when the game revenue increases, not only do you get more revenue, your land increases in value as well! These lands that are staked in games will be permanent to avoid land hopping.

Advertisement Tracking For Advertisers (CPC)

Users can claim the billboard revenue by logging in daily by clicking on the billboard.

This allows the billboard advertiser to gauge daily views and awareness based on a CPC indicator.

What are the dimensions of each plot of Land?

Every plot of land consists of 36 blocks (6x6)

Land will be used for crafting, building, war, tower defense. ( More info coming soon)

Resource Gathering and Crafting

coming soon.

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