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Each equipment has their own element, to know more about "the elements" please refer 👉 here

Players can gather various types of items in Definity Legends. Main Categories of items are;

  • Artifacts (coming soon)

  • Consumables (coming soon)

Items such as Weapons and Armor are element specific. They are ideally equipped by a hero which has the matching elemental affinity. This will provide additional benefits to the heroes that are facing opposing elements, in form of additional damage and defence.

Each item has qualities that are divided into tiers. There are 6 tiers in Definity Legends;

  • Common (Non-NFT, Non-Tradable)

  • Uncommon : 15% drop rate from chests.

  • Rare: 12% drop rate from chests.

  • Very Rare: 9% drop rate from chests.

  • Epic: 5% drop rate from chests.

  • Legendary: 3% drop rate from chests.

"These percentage drop rates are based on 1 single full armor set. The drop rates will decrease significantly as the amount of armor sets increase"

Common items are non-NFT items that players start the game with and can be rewarded in the beginner stages of the game. They cannot be traded in the marketplace.


Weapons are equipped by heroes to increase their Attack stat. They are split into tiers to signify their strength.


Armors effect the Defence stats of heroes. They have tiers just like weapons. Armors can additional grant bonus stats, and even skills when the hero equips them as a set.

Available types of armor in the game are;

  • Shield

  • Helmet

  • Gauntlet

  • Leggings

  • Breastplate

Out of all the armor types, shield is the only optional slot, which can equip a secondary weapon instead of a shield, to increase attack rather than defence.

Enhancement - for Weapons & Armor

Weapons and Armor can be enhanced using Metals and BITTO Potion. Enhancing the items provide an increase in stats and also gain visual changes. There is a chance of failure during enhancement, which can be reduced by using higher metals for enhancement.

  • Enchancement +1-3 = Blue Aura

  • Enhancement +4-6 = Green Aura

  • Enhancement +7 = Gold Aura

  • Enhancement +8 = Purple Aura + Soft Lightning

  • Enhancement +9 = Purple Aura + Hard Lightning

  • Enhancement +10 = Red Aura + Soft Lightning

There are 5 Metals in the game;

  • Copper Ingot (Used for +1 - +2)

  • Iron Ingot (Used for +3 - +4)

  • Mithril Ingot (Used for +5- +6)

  • Titan Ingot (Used for +7 - +8)

  • Aetherium (Used for +9 - +10)

(Metals provides up to 5% bonusif used in lower enhancements)

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