A.I Integration with Definity Platform

Unlocking the Future with the Power of Human Imagination and AI Technology

Our platform leverages the power of AI to create interactive and immersive games that can adapt to enhancing gaming experiences. By combining AI and blockchain technology, we're able to offer a gaming experience that's not only entertaining but also secure and transparent.

Are you ready for the next revolution in web 3.0 gaming?

Imagine having the ability to add dynamic triggers and functions that bring your game to life. With the A.I the system, game creators can define rules for the A.I follow, elevating gameplay to new heights.

Create game-changing experiences with Triggers, Events, Conditions, and Effects.

Trigger -> list of events -> list of conditions ->list of effects

  1. Create Regions -> These will serve as spawn points and/or Destination points

  2. Create Player -> Here Creator chooses between 1st or 3rd person player perspectives

  3. Place Towers and Meshes on Map

  4. Determine size and type of map (in Create game panel determined by land owners and their profit % ratio with game creators)

  5. Add Rules for A.I -> Triggers, Events, conditions and Effects

5.a.Time Trigger -> Periodically will generate/spawn units which we determine which unit and to where (Destination)

5.b. Start Trigger -> Placed on Player's towers and it will Affect Player health, a condition that enters the area is tagged as enemy

5.c.Win and Lose Conditions

  1. Build Player manager class to handle player properties and manage player events such as death, win conditions

  2. A.I handles enemy movement and properties.

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